About Us


Matthew is a hydrogeologist with experience in the South African and African environments. He has worked in a number of African countries, including Mali, Zambia, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Botswana and Mozambique.

For the past 6 years Matthew has been completing groundwater numerical models for environmental applications, as well as more complex applications such as bankable feasibility studies.

During the course of his career Matthew has developed a broad knowledge base and gained valuable experience which can assist our clients in developing their groundwater projects and designing the perfect solution for their site.

Matthew has a good working knowledge of water treatment solution selection, automated water management and monitoring network design, as well as integrated mine scheduling and planning.


The Alicanto is a mythical bird of Chilean folklore and is said to live in the caves and mines of Chile, feeding on precious metals such as gold and silver (sometimes eating so much that they are unable to fly). The colour of the Alicanto is influenced by the type of metal they feed on, for example a diet of gold will make the Alicanto’s plumage gold in colour, and they are said to shine with that metallic colour at night. Should a miner be fortunate enough to find an Alicanto, it is believed that the miner will have good fortune and luck with their mining operations.

The colour of the Alicanto depicted in our logo represents water, which is an essential component of both mining and non-mining projects. By engaging with AGS we hope to assist our clients in sourcing, developing and managing their site water resources and ensuring the success of their projects in both the short- and long-term.

At Alicanto Groundwater Solutions we believe that the best solutions for water resource development, use and management
are integrated solutions, where the entire water cycle is treated as an integrated unit and each component is considered when
designing the best solution for our clients.

This concept of integration is represented by our logo, which shows the elements considered during every one of our projects,
from small-scale domestic water supply projects up to large mining operations.

The GREEN of our logo represents the environment, including the fauna, flora and aquatic ecosystems that may be present
at a site. The environment also includes the human aspect of water management, where water is considered a critical
component of the surrounding communities in terms of their survival and economic development.

The BROWN of our logo signifies the Earth, specifically the geology at a site. The geology present at a site is important in
terms of its influence on the type of activity that may occur at the site (e.g. what commodity is being mined and using which
mining method), as well as its importance in determining what type of groundwater environment is present and its potential
as a groundwater resource.

The BLUE component is representative of the hydrogeological environment and groundwater resources at a site. Our core
services relate to the sustainable development, use and management of groundwater resources, with a strong belief that
groundwater is a key player in the future sustainability of our society.

The ALICANTO is the centre of the logo and crosses the environmental, geological and hydrogeological components, symbolic
of our integrated approach to developing sustainable, integrated solutions for our clients. The ALICANTO is shaped to
symbolise mining within the geological element and show our experience and strength in mining water solutions, with the
interior of the bird comprised of mesh elements to show our numerical modelling capabilities in finding the best solutions.

Finally, the entire system is within a CIRCLE which represents our holistic approach to all client projects and finding the
most appropriate solution for their individual needs, as well as our capability to scale our solutions to suit any size of
water-related project at any location across the globe.