Groundwater Characterisation.

Characterising the groundwater environment at a site is an essential part of both the development and management of groundwater resources. Combining experience with AGS’s knowledge databases and scientific procedure, AGS is able to assist our clients in determining baseline groundwater conditions at their site anywhere in Africa.

The data acquired during the groundwater characterisation study is used to develop a site conceptual model, which shows potential sources, pathways and receptors of groundwater. The conceptual model plays a vital role in further decision-making processes at the site and provides a good overview of the groundwater processes and components present at the site.

In terms of Groundwater Characterisation, AGS can assist our client with the following services:

Desktop Data Collection and Review;

Surface Geophysical Surveys;

Down-hole Geophysical Surveys;

Borehole Siting, Installation Supervision and Development;

Aquifer Testing;

Double-Ring Infiltrometer Testing;

Water Quality Sampling and Interpretation;

Analytical Flow and Transport Modelling.

Groundwater Characterisation studies are applied in the decision-making process at a site, as well as in some of the following applications:

Groundwater Resource Development Feasibility Studies;

EIA, EMP, ESIA, WULA and other enviro-legal process;

Pre- and Bankable Feasibility Studies;

Mine Water Management (e.g. Dewatering Requirements, Closure Liabilities);

Wellfield Operation and Management.