Remote Water Solutions

Alicanto Groundwater Solutions have embraced the future with our approach to completing some of our field work components remotely, with the assistance of our Clients.

This approach not only saves costs and reduces our environmental footprint by reducing the need to travel to and from Sites, but also provides on-the-job training to our Clients and equips them with the skills to manage their on-Site water resources more effectively with their newly acquired skills.

We are able to achieve this through breaking down our field work procedures into a number of simple, easy to follow steps that we then communicate to our Client in order for the work to be completed and the data to be collected at the Site. Alicanto Groundwater Solutions will provide the Client with detailed operational procedures that detail how to complete the required tasks, complete with documentation, templates to be completed in the field and easy to follow checklists to be followed throughout the process.

At the start of each task during the project, Alicanto Groundwater Solutions will train the Client (or their representative) on the procedures and go through each step of the process via online teleconference or video conference (based on the Client's preference). If needed, the required equipment can be couriered to the Site (on loan or as a capital purchase) for the Client to use and courier services are available for any water quality samples that may need to be collected during the project.

The data collected by our Client is then uploaded to a dedicated FTP site and Alicanto Groundwater Solutions is then able to process, interpret and apply the datasets for the overall project objective.

Remote Services

Desktop Site Characterisations (using both Client-supplied and Public Domain datasets)

Hydrocensus Investigation and Water Quality Sampling (where training is provided to the Client)

Custom Water Monitoring Database Development and Training

Analytical Modelling Solutions

Numerical Modelling Solutions

Water Efficiency Plan Development and Client Awareness Training

Water Management Plan Design, Management and Training

Mine/Construction Site Dewatering Strategy Design

Water Balance Modelling and Development

Remote Water Monitoring Network Design, Implementation, Management and Training

Advantages of Remote Solutions

Reduced Project Costs and Timeframes due to reduced travelling

Reduced Risk Exposure for the Client due to less contractors on Site

Increased Client interaction throughout the project, allowing for project adaption and project objectives being achieved more effectively

Upskilling of Site Staff due to increased interaction and on-the-job training during the Project

Reduced Carbon Footprints due to less travelling

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